Steel Cut Oats Benefits

Steel Cut Oats BenefitsWe all are aware of oats and oatmeal, however, most of us are not sure what steel-cut oats means. Recent trend regarding oats has actually revealed that people are slowly understanding the unique benefits of Steel Cut Oats against common rolled oats. You will be surprised to find that basically there are three types of oats. Firstly, there is the old-fashioned rolled oats which are nothing but the whole oats that are rolled flat. Then, there are the quick oats which are also rolled oats but they have been ground a little bit which allows them to be cooked faster. Then, finally we have the steel-cut oats which are the whole raw oats that are cut into smaller pieces.

Steel cut oats actually look like chopped nuts and have a golden hue but look like wild rice when they are cooked and they seem to have sort of a ‘nutty’ flavor and you will find that they are definitely chewier as it certainly takes a while to chew each bite. Whole grains are definitely vital for a healthy lifestyle and that is when steel cut oats takes the edge and is definitely concluded as a better alternative to the rolled oats. In fact, you can refer steel-cut oats as they are the essential grains which are very much full of nutritional value and they are extremely rich in B-vitamins, calcium, protein and fiber while they are low in sodium and unsaturated fat. It is fairly surprising to note that just a cup of steel-cut oats contains at least 8g of fiber which is really remarkable. You can describe steel-cut oats as whole grain groats wherein which the inner part of the oat kernel has not been flattened but instead has been cut into more than two pieces. This is the real reason why it takes a long time to digest steel cut oats which rather makes us feel full over a longer period of time. This is why amongst all the varieties of oats, the steel cut oats is the best option and it certainly helps your motive to lose lot of weight and is also a healthy option for living a healthy life.

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